Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in Rexburg!

Okay, So I NEVER thought that I would be so happy to be back in Rexburg, ID. It is difficult to relay the experiences we went through while living with Steve's Grandma Kofoed in Blackfoot. Let's just suffice it to say, Two women cannot live under the same roof.
Well we are back in Rexburg and we are loving it. At least I am. I think my family is too. Caleb is no longer sharing a room with us. It is warm enough here that he doesn't have to do that anymore. Which makes Steve happy. And me. Our apartment is very nice. We live very close to some of our friends and I go over there alot to play on her Wii. Which I like and Steve likes that I can go out and have some fun. He isn't a fan of the internet here because he can't play his video games very well online. Which stinks for him, but I am like, "Awwww, thats too bad honey." HEHEHEHEHE. We don't have our television yet, so I am stuck watching shows online. Which isn't my favorite thing to do. All of our stuff is being stored at our friends house under it actually, in a storage place. And we are getting it today. So, no pots and pans or silverware or anything for the past about week. Which is EXTREMELY difficult to do when you are trying to be on a diet. Seriously. So I have a hold on my diet until I can cook again. I know, probably not the best idea but it's what it is.
Caleb went in for his 6 month check up on Wednesday. He weighs 17.4 pounds and is 25.5 inches long. He is in the 49% for his weight, the 18% for his height, and the 8% for his head size. SO I have a short and chubby baby. So it isn't necessarily that he is a chunk, but that he is short so he looks like a chunk. LOL. I don't know, it sounds better to me. He definitely doesn't have a Nelson head, which is good on his part. He was blessed. We are trying to feed him sitting up now so that he can eat with us at the table when he is a little older. Well, Life is good. Hopefully I will see you all soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life in Blackfoot

So as you all probably know, we are no longer living in Rexburg and are no longer managing apartments. We were told we needed to be out of our house in 3 days (over the weekend), and so we asked Steve's grandmother if we could stay with her at her house in Blackfoot, Idaho. So here we are until we can find another job.

So the job hunt is on. We haven't had much of any luck yet. Steve has an interview with Quest tomorrow in Idaho Falls. Hopefully, he will get that job. We will find out tomorrow if he got it or not. I really really, REALLY hope that he does. I could go for that. I am still having trouble getting comfortable at his grandmothers house. We are freezing at night because we are living in the basement, but I am very, very grateful that she opened up her house to us. It was very nice of her. Plus, once you start living along, you get used to a certain way of living and a certain routine that you do. So I don't blame her for getting upset sometimes that we disrupt that. She is wonderful, and I love her.

I am excited for tomorrow. Okay, Caleb. He can sit up on his own for short periods of time now. He can roll over all the way now. He has only done it from his belly to his back a couple of times, but he has still done it. He is eating solid foods now! I finally got him to eat it, but mostly through a syringe rather than a spoon. He is still having problems with the spoon, so I hope I am not hindering him by feeding him through the syringe.

Well I got to go. It is bedtime, and I have to work out in the morning. My legs are soooo sore. I hope that this will help me lose the weight. Love Ya!