Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joe is posting!

Hi everyone!
I just thought I'd write a quick post to update everyone. I start school this coming monday at Baylor (WOO HOO!), so I'll be leaving for Houston after church this sunday. Our house is almost ready to close, and we will go down on the 30th to sign everything and have it officially be our house. Some pictures and maps and such can be found here.
We're really excited to be becoming home owners and hope that we can stay there for quite some time. It's big enough that we can probably run a small day care out of the house.
So anyway, I'm leaving for Houston this Sunday, Leah and the boys will be coming down sometime after August 19th when Leah's class ends, and we'll probably be moving all of our stuff down sometime between those two dates, but we're not sure quite when that will be yet.
In other news, Jonas is now officially crawling and started immediately standing up and trying to walk. It's crazy to think that only a couple months ago he couldn't even sit up on his own and is now going everywhere! When it rains it pours I guess. Cannon is doing great, and is walking running spinning and dancing all over the house all day long. Being able to be home with him some this summer has been SO much fun. I'm not looking forward to three weeks without my family, but I'm sure it will go by quickly with both Leah and I being in school. Anyway, I love you guys and we'll see you later!