Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Okay. So I am back in Idaho and have been since about June 13. It was great to see everybody and have fun in the sun again. I didn't get to see very much of the sun for a while so that was nice. So almost immediately as I came home, I started my new job which is babysitting for the manager of the office while the office is open. She just had her baby 3 months ago and just came back to work. So I get to have a cute little 3 month old baby girl at my house everyday. It's nice. Some days it adds to the fact that I am a single mom until Steve gets back home at the end of July or the beginning of August. I am so very excited for him to come home. Like I can't even express it into words. I have officially begun the countdown. 20 days to go. YAY! But life continues. Day after day, of working and doing almost the same thing each and every day. Sometimes it gets depressing, but that's why I have my wonderful family and friends that I can talk to each and every day. Heavenly Father is amazing with that. He has sent specific people to my life at the times that I need them the most. I am loving life.
On Saturday the 9th of July, I was on a team that did a Triathlon. I did the swimming portion of it. It was 600 yards. I didn't think it was going to kick my butt as soon as it did. I finished it. I didn't stop. We did the whole triathlon in 1 hour and 7 minutes. We came in 7th place out of 10. We weren't last! And we didn't give up. We started training for it about a week and a half before hand. So, next time I will be doing it by myself. I won't stop training. I will do it. It was fun. We are supposed to get a T-shirt for doing it. I think that we should get a medal for just doing it. But that is just me. Oh big surprise... I dyed my hair black. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bekah again

I don't really have a lot more to add since my last post. I did go to the GI guy, Dr. Kethu, and he said that I could still have an ulcer, even though I took that ulcer medicine and it didn't help. He also said that I could have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). So, he prescribed Amitiza, which is basically a laxative, to see if that will help. So far it hasn't, in fact, so far it has made the pain worse. This is the opposite effect we were hoping for. My return appointment is on Thursday, July 21st to see how everything is going. If the meds continue to not help then he will do both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to look for whatever is wrong. I have not yet started the progesterone pills yet (for the endometriosis possibility) but I should start them tomorrow. Mom is going to pick them up for me tonight.
Rachel got a job! She works at Heartland Bread for the Warrens. She's actually there now. She gets $8 an hour but she works in a warehouse that doesn't have air conditioning in the middle of summer in Dallas. Not a very good combination. However, yesterday when she was working, someone came in and told her that she was sexy and she should've been a model. She was floored by this since she was all sweaty and felt gross. I think she handled it very well and very professionally though. She's excited to have a job and start saving money for college. We think she should buy us all Harry Potter 7 part 2 movie tickets with her new money. We'll see if she goes for that.
John is going out still looking for a job. He had a job interview yesterday with the railroad company and he has another one right now with Wells Fargo. He's anxious to start working. He seems to be doing well here, though. It is so nice to have him home, even if he does sometimes walk into the bathroom without knocking (on Rachel, not me).
Dad's colonoscopy is tomorrow morning so today he is drinking that awful stuff to clear out his colon so they have a clear view of it. He has to be there at like 6am, so John is taking him. Can you imagine any of the rest of us being coherent enough at 6am to drive Daddy anywhere? I can't.
Mom is still working hard at the Andersons, helping Hannah. She works everyday starting at about 3pm and getting home just after 7 usually. She goes to the gym everyday and is losing weight and gaining muscle! She is so excited about that. She has an appointment with Dr. Norton (my ob/gyn) soon, but I'm not sure exactly when it is. Leah, you will be happy that she has that appointment, I'm sure :)
I think that's an update on everybody here, looking forward to reading all the updates coming from the rest of y'all soon!
All my love,