Tuesday, June 28, 2011

News from the Doctor!

I just got back from the gynecologist and I am posting what she said.
Endometriosis is a possibility. Let me explain to you what that is (I needed an explanation). When you're on your period, blood and endometrium (lining of the uterus) both get schluffed off and out. Sometimes the lining escapes the uterus by a way other than out your vagina, like out your fallopian tubes. When this happens, that lining sometimes attaches to your other organs and continues to act like the lining in your uterus, meaning that every month it swells and then contracts or cramps. This is not good on your other organs as it can cause scarring and other problems. The best treatment option for endometriosis is to put your body into a temporary state of menopause, which relaxes the lining and stops your periods, so you aren't damaging anything else. Another option is to remove the implanted portions of the endometrium. This doesn't always work very well, because it's almost impossible to find them all, and then you keep making more of them every month. Endometriosis is usually diagnosed by going through a regimen of pills and if that helps, it confirms the diagnosis. However, Dr. Norton did not want to do this with me, considering the intolerance that I had for the birth control pill that I took earlier this year. She thinks that I have gynecological problems (endometriosis I'm assuming) and GI problems that are unrelated, but that feed each other. So, the only other viable diagnosing option is surgery, but she doesn't want to do surgery without knowing all that is going on in my GI tract, she wants to know all the problems that could happen before she goes in. So, I'm going to a gastroenterologist next Tuesday at 3:00. Dr. Kenthu his name is. I will most likely have to have a colonoscopy in July. That's icky and I'm not looking forward to it at all. But it feels great to finally be on the path to finding the answers that I have been looking for for so long.
In other, happier news, John has officially moved in. His computer is all set up, along with his xbox. It's so nice to have him home! He might not feel all that enthused about it, but the rest of us are. Rachel and I are now sharing a room and he is occupying my old room, which used to be Abanga's room, and before that was the sewing room. Abanga is still living with us, he sleeps in the family room (the one with the fireplace). Rachel is looking for a job for the summer, and hopefully next year as well. John is feverishly looking for a job, mostly online. My phone interview went well, I think. I'm waiting to hear back to see if I got a second interview, this one in person.
I think that's all the news I have today.
I love you all!