Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Job Number Two

Hi all! It's so good to see those adorable videos of baby Cannon, although he's starting to go into the toddler phase. But baby Cannon sounds so much cuter than toddler Cannon, at least to me. Oh well, what can you do? I'll probably keep calling him baby Cannon. :)
So, I got a second job of sorts. I will no longer have any free time whatsoever. yay! my second job is helping take care of this girl, Hannah, who is 10 and is both autistic and has DOWNS syndrome, and is extremely physically handicapped. She is being released from the hospital Friday after some intensive physical therapy to try and teach her how to swallow. I am going there tonight (at the hospital) to get to know the routine and get to know her and her mother. It's gonna be fun! I gotta go, job number one is calling me!
All my love,
Smile Sunshine!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Backed by popular demand

Okay, here are some more sweet Cannon videos. This first one has probably the sweetest first frame picture ever, so it had to get posted. When you watch it, go back to the first frame and see if you can rebut its awesomeness. Diaper waving can be pretty entertaining.

Next we have a growling match between Cannon and Leah. And aunt June got involved somehow. It's hard to resist.

Finally, we have one of Cannon's most recently acquired talents; clapping! We've been trying to drill it into his head for a while now and he finally gets the concept! Yay! On a side note, immediately after this video ended, he took about 5 steps between Leah and I without support. It was bangarang.

So news from our end: I just got back from an American Physical Society (physics) conference in Golden, Colorado. I presented on my research and felt like it went pretty well, although I didn't get a single thing done that I had planned on doing while out of town. I guess that's how it goes when you're on a vacation of sorts. It was a great experience, though, and I chatted for a long time with one of my classmates who will be going to Thailand this summer. I'll be teaching his wife and him Thai every Saturday from now on, so I'm super excited. Leah and I have been talking about going to Thailand next summer for the month of May, so all donations are accepted. Seriously though, I keep having impressions that we should go, so we are starting to make preliminary plans. Well, it's late, so I hope you enjoyed the videos and we'll keep shooting more. Love you guys!
Joe and fam

Sunday, October 18, 2009

John, have a question

This is kind of a funny thing to post, but I dont get to talk to john much in person, but I know he gets to read this every so often, so I thought I would post a question to him on this. John, what would you like in a care package? Other than letters of course. And dont just say anything!!! What is something you miss that we could send you. A funny comic book, favorite candy...although you might have to eat it melted :). Trail mix, chips, fruit we could send some mango's or something in these special bags that keep food good for a two weeks or so. Pictures, movies, new scriptures or pass along cards or small book of mormons to hand out to people. I have just been asked by many cousins and grandparents what to send, and I list a lot of what is up there, but, was not sure what are some specifics you would like. So, let me know as soon as you can so we can get it too you. I miss you a lot, i think of you often when I am playing with cannon. When I go to the temple, or read the news, I almost cry, or tears flow freely thinking of how grateful I am for the sacrifice you are making so I can raise my beautiful sweet son in this country. And that you are trying to allow that same opportunity to mothers over there who I know must their children as much as I do. Thanks for all you do, I`m sure its hard, I can't even imagine, but we pray for you often, your name is always in the temple, and you are greatly missed. I love you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

tooth number 7!

Cannon's smile is less symmetric than usual today, owing to a new addition on bottom :) He has had 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom for a long time, it seems like. Now we have three on bottom, and probably soon to be four. He found his scream box this week, so now its trying to figure out if he is screaming cause he is happy, sad, talking or mad. Mad is funny, because he expresses himself know when he is angry or frustrated through voicing, or screaming is what it ends up really being, his opinion. He will scream for a minute and then look at you like "Did you just here what I said!" kind of expression. He lets go of furniture a lot more now, and will take a step or two to reach something a little ways away. He eats everything he shouldn't, and not such a big fan of what he should. And is about 21lb last time we went to the doctor. He gets milk next month...crazy...and a birthday party. Were having a get together with friends who have kids generally around cannon's age, some older too, but were going to have a rubber ducky party. Get a couple of helium balloons which he loves, lots of rubber duckies everywhere and have all there friends instead of a present bring their favorite toy for everyone to play with. Then little cupcakes so each kid can have there own little sugary treat :). And all the moms can chat, which is always nice :). Hope all is well with everyone, good sabbath to you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So, dum-da-de-dum! I finally have a job!!!! I started work on Monday and got my first paycheck yesterday! What is this job, may you ask? Well, I'll tell you: baby-sitting. It's the job I've done most in my life and will probably continue to be that way. I know I'll be doing a lot of it starting in January when I get to spend some quality time with my soon-to-be-born nephew Caleb! That makes me so happy! The kids I watch are Barrett who is almost 3, and Charlotte, who is 8 months. Barrett is just being potty-trained so I have lots of fun times with him and the bathroom. On Monday it was the hardest day EVER. I came home and asked Mom how I was going to be a mother. Tuesday was a little better, but Barrett had the biggest almost to the toilet disaster I've ever seen. He didn't get his pants and undies down all the way before he started pooping. There was poo all over that bathroom and all over his clothes. I put him in the tub and commenced to cleaning up the rest of the world. As soon as I looked in the bathroom, I put Charlotte down for her nap. I thought it was the best time possible for her to be out of the picture. And guess what? She actually slept! Just long enough for me to clean everything up. It was perfect timing. Then on Wednesday he had a pee accident, just didn't make it to the bathroom quick enough. Thursday was the first day he EVER wore one pair of undies all day long! Friday I only had a half-day, but he was good there. Except he throw a stick at me and it cut me on the forehead. Charlotte is so cute! She has two little teeth on the bottom and she has the gummiest, cutest little smile. She has just started standing. She always needs somebody to be paying attention to her. That's her only downside. She eats a TON of food-she eats more than Barrett does usually. Well, I guess that's all you would wanna know about those cute kids I watch, since you don't know them and you probably just don't care all that much. But that's it. That's my life.

Oh! This weekend Joe and Cannon are here! Cannon is SO cute! He walks with support and it is so adorable to watch grandfather and baby walk together. His teeth are so big and he has so many of them! He's still just a watermelon head, but I don't know how he could help that. Jake and Blaze came over today. Will and Rushella have been sick and Will needed to go to the hospital, so the boys came to us. Blaze had a fever and was just so sick. It was so hard to just have him be in my arms not feeling good, not able to do anything to help him get better. Jake was fine, just a small cough. We quarantined the boys into Rach and I's room, keeping Cannon in the front room and sleeping in the sewing room. Jake kept trying to leave, he just didn't understand why we were keeping him in there. It all worked out, though. I really hope that Blaze gets better. Oh, and Will and Rushella too, of course.

Love you!
Smile Sunshine!

Little Caleb...

So the baby is getting bigger, so that is a good thing. Life is pretty interesting right now. We are having some snow fun times. Not really. Well we have snow, just not fun. So he is growing slowly but surely. My amniotic fluid is the same, it is supposed to be decreasing as he gets bigger and he takes up more room, but it isn't. He is kicking still and stuff. The placenta didn't detach, so that is good. I was just feeling my ligaments stretching. He is in the 33% tile for his size. So the best I can do to help him grow is rest and eat more. So Steve is saying I can't pick anything up off of the ground so he is doing a lot more around the house. That is nice. Life is life. Hopefully by the time he is born, he will be more than 5 pounds. Last I knew he was 3 1/2lbs which was like a week ago. I am 33 weeks pregnant so he should be bigger than that. Pray for him, please.
Love you!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay. As promised, here are the completed pictures of the nursery. I will explain them, if needed. I hope you like!Okay, well since I couldn't really paint the room, but I helped, I wore this mask to help keep the fumes from getting to me. I painted some edges and door frames. While I wore it, Steve couldn't understand me if I talked, I sounded like Darth Vator. Weird. The changing Table and part of the closet and plaque I made
The posters that we have above the crib
The crib...

A closer look at the plaque I made and the closet
The dresser with blankets on top of it

The closet

So it started to snow today. GROSS! It was wet and cold and yucky and did I mention wet and cold? I didn't like it very much. I complained all day today and refused to go outside, except when I threw the first snowball of the season at Steve. Thanks Dad! It was fun. I waited till I saw him walking up the sidewalk, then threw a coat on grabbed some snow and went to throw it at him and he didn't even stop me or run or anything! He just let it happen. He said he would feel bad fighting back with me since I am so big and pregnant and moving/running is hard right now. SWEET! That means I can throw all the snow at him that I want and he won't try to get me back! YEA! Well, we figured out how to turn on the heater finally so we can be warm in our house. I love it! We are having fun. Have a great day! I love you! Okay.